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Candlelight Sports provides a fun & simple co-ed community sports program for your kids aged 2-12 with three main programs:


The league was created as a family and community friendly recreational alternative to other sports leagues that require too much time, transportation and money to participate. We believe that a youth sports program should support your family and connect you with your neighbors.

Candlelight Sports emphasizes FUN, personal development and de-emphasizes winning at all costs. While other leagues fill their rosters to the max which forces several kids to sit-out during the game, we keep the teams small and the practices fast-paced and engaging to ensure your kids play and touch the ball as much as possible.

Leading sports programs (the other guys) cost $100 – $140 for a six – eight week season that requires you to get used to new coaches, schedule, and locations with each sport. It’s extremely difficult to expose your kids to more than 2 or 3 sports in their childhood, notwithstanding the strong urging from physical and mental health professionals discouraging early specialization in a single sport, instead encouraging multi-sport participation. Other programs’ practices and games are commonly held between 6-9pm (family/dinner time) far from home with people you don’t know, like or trust. Games are also commonly held throughout the week or on Saturdays that can ruin family plans to get out of town or other family activities.

Carl Stoltz, the founder of Little League Baseball, has been quoted as being disappointed with elementary aged youth sports programs that are too big and formal that they deprive the kids the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of low-stakes, good-natured organized competition with their friends. One of our goals is to foster a re-birth of sandlot style play. Unfortunately, the childhood culture our kids are growing up in is becoming increasingly indoor and regimented. We are causing a shift in that culture as whole neighborhoods are becoming more autonomously active outdoors because they know how to play sports, have social connections from the league and are learning to enjoy outdoor sports instead of defaulting to playing video games.

Candlelight Sports does this by combining the benefits of an organized league, PE and casual pick-up sports at the park. Not only do we cost much less, but Candlelight Sports’ practices and games are uniform and compact. They are held at your local park or elementary school to minimize transportation time and to provide a comfortable place to be with your family. No more confusion, ruined schedules and lost family time.

Candlelight Sports has been designed to run very efficiently by allowing a coach to coach multiple teams and also be the referee of the games. All players wear the same color jerseys with headbands/armbands or pinnies as needed to distinguish the teams during gameplay. This allows uneven teams to be evened up by simply changing head/armbands. This allows us to charge about half as much as other leagues and to allow your kids to participate in several sports to help them learn and grow.

The intent is to offer an opportunity for your kids to participate in multiple sports throughout the year where they can develop strength of character, coordination and confidence that they will use throughout their lives in a fun, comfortable, low-pressure environment. In fact, the leading sports psychologists and physiologists agree that elementary aged kids would most benefit from a multisport approach to enjoy and develop themselves with many sports through the age of 12. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently wrote, “Well-rounded, multisport athletes have the highest potential to achieve the goal of lifelong fitness and enjoyment of physical activity while avoiding some of the pitfalls of overuse, overtraining and burnout.” Your kids will always be done by dinner time and we only have 4 optional Saturday tournaments all year to leave your weekends free while still allowing parents to see your child play at least once for each sport if you can’t get time off during the week. Your kids will become proficient at many sports with the right balance of time spent on each sport so they aren’t bored or overtrained.

Along with these benefits, you can say goodbye to the frustration of deciding “What’s next?” “Where will I have to drive them now?” “How is it going to impact the schedule?” With all your kids on the same schedule, price, location, etc. you will know they are safe nearby with friends that you know, like and trust. You will find peace in a consistent rhythm that remains unchanged while knowing that your kids are developing their strength, coordination, talents, and character in a safe, familiar place. You’ll be amazed at how many of your neighbors you will meet hanging out at practices and games together. It is really fun!

One of the most enjoyable parts of the league is being able to get to know your neighbors better. At the beginning and end of the seasons (Aug & May) we have a league party/banquet to celebrate your children’s progress and development. We have food, games, etc. They are fun!

Parents and players love it! The Pre-K kids are saying things like, “I look forward to every week!” The After-school players say, “I love playing so many sports!” The parents say, “It’s so easy and enjoyable to have the kids at the school or park while I run errands or hang out with my other friends while we all watch our kids play.”

We are confident there is no greater value available anywhere else for youth sports! You’ll no longer have to spend time and worry searching for another youth sports program. We’ve got you covered!

We have coached hundreds of youth players over the years. Our goal is to create a positive experience for the whole family and neighborhood. We are committed to a process of continuous improvement from year to year. Please let us know how we are doing.

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Get excited! See you soon!

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Candlelight Sports Club is not supported nor sponsored by any school district. Candlelight is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization Tax ID No. 46-3569683. We are a member of the National Alliance for Youth Sports. Thank you for your continued support of this worthwhile organization.